ESCO contracts

WeSave ESCO Contract/WeSave ЕСКО Договори


Contracts with guaranteed result

The ESCO contract is a contract with a guaranteed result /CGR/. It aims at the implementation of measures to increase energy efficiency in buildings, enterprises and industrial systems, as the recovery of the investments made and the payment of the remuneration due to the contractor are carried out at the expense of the realized energy savings.


Determination of payout

The size of the investment and the period for its repayment are determined after a thorough analysis of the existing energy consumption by the contractor and determination of the volume of energy efficient measures (EEM) leading to the realization of savings - a guaranteed result.

Explanation WeSave ESCO Contract/WeSave ЕСКО Договори
Stages WeSave ESCO Contract/WeSave ЕСКО Договори


Stages in negotiation

1. Carrying out an energy efficiency survey by a certified company.
2. Announcement of a tender and conclusion of a contract with an ESCO company for the implementation of survey measures.
2. Delivery, construction and commissioning of the energy-efficient measures stipulated in the contract.
3. Monitoring of energy production and consumption in accordance with the planned and implemented energy-saving measures and the realized savings from them.


Guaranteed success

ESCO contracts represent an innovative and sustainable solution for our customers who strive for efficient use of energy and cost reduction. Our goal is clear - to provide a 100% return on investment within the specified period. The ESCO contract system allows us to build and install energy-efficient solutions on your premises. We take responsibility for the investment by creating and maintaining energy-saving systems that will reduce your energy costs. Our premise is clear - the contract is executed successfully when the client achieves his investment back within the pre-determined time frame. This commitment to our customers is based on our many years of expertise and our hard work to create the best and most economical energy solutions. With us, it's not just about technical innovation, but also about trust and partnership. We support you on your way to energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint, while providing you with a return on your investment.