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100 mW per year

capacity to build

15 years

product warranty

6-8 years

return average

30 years

performance guarantee



Latest technologies

Our selection of solar panels is focused on high-quality solutions that incorporate advanced technology and a long life cycle. In our projects, we rely on our trusted partner AE Solar - a global market leader for technological solutions in the field of green energy.


Guaranteed origin

Piracy problems in the solar industry are well known and mainly affect established and trusted companies in the market. Unscrupulous entrepreneurs create fake PV modules of low quality and short life under trusted names, which creates problems. To address this challenge, AE Solar has developed a unique mobile application with NFC-chips, guaranteeing the authenticity of photovoltaic panels and providing assurance of quality and warranty. The app allows you to quickly and easily verify product authenticity, communicate with AE Solar experts, and even monitor systems with SMARTER monitoring and troubleshooting tools. NFC technology, which is part of the application, ensures fast and secure exchange of data and information between smartphones and chips, which adds an additional level of protection. WeSave is a partner and official representative of AE Solar for Bulgaria.

AE Solar - WeSave Client/Енергийни и водни спестявания

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We focus on quality

With our pursuit of the highest standards and innovation in the solar industry, we proudly present our completed sites. Our focus has always been quality, which is reflected in every detailed execution.
Each of our projects is built with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials. We believe that innovating and using cutting-edge approaches are the keys to achieving optimal efficiency and long-term sustainability.
We don't just create solar projects, we also build trust and long-term relationships with our customers.
Quality is not just a word for us, it is our standard. With our solar projects, we provide not just energy, but also confidence in the future - a future we believe in and build with attention to every detail and opportunity for sustainable development.