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The goals of the services we offer are to help you and together build a sustainable energy system through which you can be calm about your financial and energy reserves.

Exclusive solutions for energy independence
Sun Energy

Solar Installations

Discover the possibilities of the most modern energy sources

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ESCO Contracts

A contract with a guaranteed result where the return risk is 0%

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Sun Energy


Modernization of facilities in pumping and treatment plants

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We give Creative solutions

Trust our creativity and innovative thinking to develop and improve energy independence solutions

Solar Installations

Guaranteed investment

Global assignment

Analyzes and statistics

Cable installations

Innovations and improvements

Maintenance and repair

ECO Thinking



what people think about Us

The company's team showed high professionalism by complying with all our requirements during the installation activities. Jacobs Bulgaria recommends "Water and Energy Savings" as a reliable and fair partner.

Jacobs Bulgaria

We chose the company "Water and Energy Savings" AD because they have extensive experience in the design and implementation of photovoltaic systems and have the necessary equipment and qualified technical personnel. Thanks to the good organization, both our projects were implemented successfully and quickly

Direct OOD

During the time of our joint work, the company "Water and Energy Savings" JSC demonstrated a high level of professionalism, expressed in a desire and willingness to comply with our requirements as a contractor. We express our satisfaction with our work and thank them for their patience and professionalism.


The company performed all types of construction tasks, strictly following the technical project. The company worked on schedule and did not miss the deadline. All activities were led and executed by highly qualified personnel.

Silver Rock

Thanks to the good organization and professional attitude of "Water and Energy Savings", our plant was built and put into operation on time and without any problems.

Sys Industries
Jacobs - WeSave Client
Sami-M- WeSave Client/Енергийни и водни спестявания
VIK Vratsa - WeSave Client/Енергийни и водни спестявания
VIK Montana - WeSave Client/Енергийни и водни спестявания